New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World

Panel: Art Markets

Terracotta haat (periodic market), Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi, 2010, photo: Sonal Khullar.


Over the last two decades, the circulation of contemporary art from Asia in the West has been on the rise. This trend has generated debates about a bubble economy, the privatization of culture, and the growth of exhibitions and museums capitalizing on this moment of global arrival. How have women artists fared in these new market conditions? How have they responded to market inequities by embracing or rejecting various definitions of feminist aesthetics? What new hegemonies, centers, and margins—linguistic, regional, ethnic, racial, class- and gender-based—are created by contemporary culture and market intersections in Asia?

Susan Bean
Independent Curator
Nalini Malani: At Home in the World

Astri Wright
University of Victoria
Participating, Resisting, and Creating Alternative Spaces in Modern Indonesian Art Markets

Nora A. Taylor
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Not for Sale: Women, Experimental Art and the Marketing of Non-Commercial Art in Vietnam 

Laurie Sears
University of Washington


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