New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World

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Mother Country: He Chengyao’s Matrilineal Intermedia Art

Meiling Cheng As a common English expression, the phrase “mother country” dates back to the early European settlers to the U.S. The Pilgrim Fathers proclaimed their separation from their mother country, England, to become established ...

Looking Laterally: N. Pushpamala and the Paris-Mumbai-Bangkok Connections

Parul Dave-Mukherji Contemporary Indian art is no longer marked by the cultural politics of the national modern. With easy travel facilitated by globalization and the networking of artist residencies, artists explore new geographies and seek ...

Not for Sale: Women, Experimental Art and the Marketing of Non-Commercial Art in Vietnam

Nora A. Taylor Vietnamese women artists have survived the standard political and historical transitions their countrymen have endured from patriarchy to feminism, through eras marked by Confucianism, revolution and social reform. The narrative of the ...


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