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Adult Female Cat, Panther, Needs New Home

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Panther is a lap cat.  She has been an indoor-outdoor cat most of her life but now prefers to spend time with her person indoors in her matronly years.  She is spayed and healthy.

She came from Illinois as a kitten with her original person, Chris, 12 1/2 years ago, but Panther needed to be an only-cat, not doing well with Chris’s other cat.  Liz adopted Panther as a one-year-old and has had her ever since, through her wild outdoorsy days, and into her calmer middle age.  Liz is now moving to where she can’t keep a cat, and needs to find Panther a new person or people.  Chris would take her back if she didn’t – still – have other cats.

Liz says, “She is in good health and after years of being an outdoor cat, has apparently decided that nature holds nothing new for her, so she hangs out in the house and sleeps a lot. She is very affectionate, always looking for a lap, causes no trouble and follows me around faithfully when I am home.”

Phone or email Liz:  206-725-7170, elizabethberggren@comcast.net.

Deadline before shelter:  March 3, 2013.


Adult Female Cat, Panther, Needs New Home