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Bart – Your Cat’s New Best Friend

Price: $60 min. donation to Campus Cats

Bart is growing up fast and still no home in sight. Somebody out there is missing out on a great little cat! Bart is larger these days but is still as sweet as the day we rescued him, when he weighed in at just 12 ounces. And he’s gotten just a follicle calmer, so he is no longer a blur of activity. Perhaps he will even be a lap cat someday. But Bart’s most endearing feature (next to his intriguing frosted tail) is his ability to charm other cats. He was made to keep company with at least one other cat, preferably one who likes to play. But he is also content to snuggle. Neutered, combo-tested, vaccinated, wormed…ready to go! Please call 206-524-7326 to inquire. You won’t be sorry.

Bart - Your Cat