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Campus Cats Presents – Bart!

Price: $60 min. donation to Campus Cats

Bart was most emphatically the runt of the litter when he was rescued: less than half the weight of his 6(!) sisters. We weren’t even sure we could save him. But no worries…tiny Bart grew and grew. And played and played. He is unstoppable. And inexhaustible. And beautiful. Bart started life as a little black fuzzy with goofy long white hairs sticking out here and there. He has transformed from feline porcupine to a sleek and silvery tigerette, silky-sleek and jet black with a silvery trim and tail. But beware, those who can’t resist his extreme good looks…this manic little monkey is not recommended as an only cat or as a lap cat. Bart is sweet and friendly, but he simply hasn’t the time for more than the briefest of snuggles. He needs another cat or kitten to diffuse some of his energy. (Hint: His sisters are used to his antics and need no introductions.) We solemnly promise you will never have a dull moment with this guy. Healthy, vaccinated, neutered. Contact us a kathyk@uw.edu or 206-522-4272 to arrange for a meeting — if you dare.

Campus Cats Presents - Bart!