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Campus Cats Presents – Chia Sophia!

Price: $60 min. donation to Campus Cats

Charming Klutz! Meet the sweetest, clumsiest little Siamix in Seattle. Once Chia Sophia fixes those big blue, slightly crossed, eyes on you, it’s all over. And though Siamese-ish in appearance, this kitten is soft-voiced. The most heard from her is generally a happy little trill. Chia comes from a large family and would do best in a home with another cat or kitten to keep her company. Don’t have another cat or kitten at home? Please note Chia has two blue-eyed sisters also looking for homes. And three other sisters and a brother… Healthy, spayed, vaccinated; call 206-524-7326 to inquire.

Campus Cats Presents - Chia Sophia!