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Campus Cats Presents – Lilly!

Price: $60 minimum donation to Campus Cats

Lilly was reported “found” by Campus Cats recently, as a supposed stray who had been supported by a Wedgwood neighborhood since last October. Sadly, the neighborhood support system has dried up, so Lilly can’t go back to her backyard life. Amazingly, her owner has been located (he had been missing his cat since last July!), but he would like to find his long-lost friend a better home, one where she go outside as she pleases. This is an amazing cat, highly intelligent and a bit opinionated (that comes with being highly intelligent). She has been an outdoor cat most of her life but is a senior now and needs a more secure and stable lifestyle, one where she can go outside when she wants but will have a warm dry inside to come back to. Lilly is a people-purrson but does NOT like other cats (that goes double for dogs). She is in superb health (fully checked out by our vet) and has been vaccinated for rabies and distemper and fitted with a microchip. And she has a trick up her furry little sleeve, something of her own invention: when she gets to know you, she sits in front of you, makes eye contact, then sits up and holds it. Before you know it, she has you trained to give her pets on demand. Don’t miss out on sharing your life with this cat. Call 206-524-7326 to inquire.

Campus Cats Presents - Lilly!