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Campus Cats Presents – Pansy!

Price: $60 min. donation to Campus Cats

Pansy is the shy one…until she trusts you. Then she is yours, greeting you in the morning, snuggling happily in your lap for as long as you like while she gazes longingly into your face. And she has reasons for being mistrustful; as a small kitten her whole family was taken from her in just a day, until darkness fell and she was left all alone. We weren’t able to catch her until the next day, after what must have been the worst night of her small life. Then soon after that, she and her siblings had to stay at the vet’s for three weeks for treatment of a fungus initially confused with the dreaded ringworm (turns out it wasn’t ringworm, but still required those three weeks of treatment). So Pansy just didn’t tame up as quickly as her siblings, and she just doesn’t trust until she gets to know you. But the kind of love she has to offer is well worth the wait. Are you willing to invest a little patience to earn a lifetime of love? Healthy, spayed, vaccinated, wormed, combo-tested. No small children, please. Would do best with another cat or kitten. Call 206-524-7326.

Campus Cats Presents - Pansy!