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Campus Cats Presents – Sophie!

Price: $60 minimum donation to Campus Cats

Big heart in a small package. Sophie may be the runner-up runt of her feral family (a steady diet of squirrel has its drawbacks), but what she may lack in size she makes up for in heart. And adorableness. Petite Sophie sports bright green eyes and a soaring plume of a tail, with leopard spots among her tabby stripes. And be forewarned; Sophie is a talker! Though a soft-spoken one. She trills, she chirps, she even murmurs to herself as she goes about her day. Healthy, happy, loving (once she gets to know you), this little cat wouldn’t mind being an only child, as long as she gets the attention she requires and a fuzzy blanket to snuggle in. Or you might consider pairing her with her beautiful sister Prudence. Approximately 8 months old, spayed, vaccinated (distemper, rabies), treated for parasites inside and out. Call 206-524-7326 to meet this little charmer. No small children, please.

Campus Cats Presents - Sophie!