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Campus Cats Presents – Sweet Pea!

Price: $60 min. donation to Campus Cats

Since we have such a large bouquet of beautiful kittens, we gave most of them flower names to help keep them straight. But Sweet Pea really lives up to her name. Like her favorite sister, Lilly, Sweet Pea loves to carry a favorite toy with her…until her bratty little brother Bart makes away with it, that is. And of course she lets him. Sweet Pea always has a sweet expression on her face and is always patient. Healthy, spayed, vaccinated and ready for her forever home. But we hope not alone; being part of a large family makes her an ideal companion for another cat or kitten (perhaps a sibling?). Please call 206-524-7326 or 206-522-4272 to inquire.

Campus Cats Presents - Sweet Pea!