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Deluxe Birdcage for Sale

Price: $50 ($99 on Amazon now, $155 retail)

18 x 22.8 x 21.8 inches
•Clear bowed front door panel provides a panoramic bar-free view and allows for effortless access to your pet bird and also for easy cleaning.
•Avian Enrichment Wall features five easy access pod doors to change, refresh or relocate our wide variety of Enrichment Pod accessories. Pods are sold separately.
•Removable cage top activity center provides the ideal platform to encourage bonding and out of cage playtime; includes activity bar, ladder and treat and water cups; the activity center easily stores in the top of the cage when not in use
•Deep, crevice free bottom access tray with easy lift out removable grate provides a trouble-free cleaning experience
•Super protect antimicrobial technology is built into all plastic surfaces to provide a healthier, cleaner home for your pet
Deluxe Birdcage for Sale