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Do you have an abdominal scar you’d like fixed?

Are you considering surgery to remove an existing scar on your lower abdomen?

A research study is underway to evaluate an investigational drug which may help reduce the formation of scars.

You may qualify to participate in this research study if you:

- Are a man or woman, between the ages of 21-55 and in general good health

- Are considering surgery to remove a dark, raised and/or thick scar that formed following a previous abdominoplasty, partial hysterectomy or Cesarean section that has been present for at least 1 year and is 4 ½ inches or longer in length

- Are not pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding and do not plan to become pregnant for the next year

- Do not smoke

As a participant, you will receive a scar revision surgery, treatment with the investigational drug and a placebo product and study-related tests at no charge.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Baxter Plastic Surgery Clinic at (425) 776-0880

Do you have an abdominal scar you