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Price: $600-850

I am a mature, responsible health and fitness professional, soon to be certified in geriatrics through University of Washington. I am looking for housing, a auxiliary dwelling unit/mother-in-law, separate entrance and self contained, if possible. My experience, education and passions, lend well to a situation of having an elderly person that wants to stay home and may have caregivers , but also wants someone coming and going from the home and can help them with groceries and miscellaneous needs. I also like to garden and can watch over the house if gone on business trips or vacations . I would like to negotiate a stipend for these services to supplement my available housing price range of $600 – 850 which hopefully cover w/s/g and electricity. I am looking for an April 1st 2014 deadline but can be flexible if needed.

I currently work at a physical therapy clinic as well as do home visits for health and fitness exercise sessions and consultations. My work locations can influence my living dwelling so easy access to I-5 from 520 or the 90 bridge up to shoreline would be preferred. I have a 12 pound assistant that is well behaved, and his name is Walter, he is a short hair orange tabby. I can provide reference for him as well as myself upon request. Contact information: Phone # 206-679-1740206-679-1740, text is also okay, e-mail: sjchampoux@icloud.com.

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