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Looking for dogsitter

Price: $25/day

I have a 10 pound ball of fluff that moved in when my kids moved out.  Her name is Gidget and she has attitude but is overall a very good dog.  I bring her to work two days a week to break the monotony of staying at home all day.  But that still leaves three days “home alone”.  I would like to find someone that is retired or works off shifts that might like to enjoy the wonders of caring for a pet w/o the expense of vets, food, grooming etc.

I would like to find a place for her to go one or two days a week.  I live in the Sandpoint/Wedgewood area and work on campus so I would like to find someone in that general area that I could drop her off on my way to work at approx 7:45 and pick her up at 5:15-5:45.  Even if you couldn’t be with  her all day it might still work .  I can pay $25/day.   If money isn’t a concern for you I would trade my cooking skills for your dog care services.

Gidget is not much of an exercise fan so a short walk or even a romp in the backyard would work.  She was raised in a condo so she doesn’t need a yard if you are willing to take her out a couple of times a day for bathroom breaks.

Looking for dogsitter