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Looking for family for full-time Nanny-share

Our current childcare situation is ending and we are looking for a new Nanny-share situation A.S.A.P. – as soon as May 1 or shortly thereafter.

About us:
* we are professionals working at UW

* we live in Bryant area, near UVillage and Burke-Gilman trail
* our son is 9 months old
* we love hiking, cooking, spending time outdoors – and so does our son!
* we have a nanny candidate but would be happy to consider your beloved nanny, if you have someone in mind
* we would be asking for nearly full time hours, 8-6p most weekdays

Things we are looking for in a family:
* ideally a child relatively close in age to our son (5mo-1yr)
* interested in at least 30hrs a week of nanny-share time
*willingness to pay ~$10/hr for Nanny care (unless you have a nanny in mind and know his/her pay scale)

Please email me if you are interested in meeting to discuss!