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New Christian Community Home – 2 Blocks From UW

We Are Seeking New Residents/Members:

We are the “Alpha Omega Gentlemen” of the University of Washington. We already have a newly renovated home with 8 bedrooms and large common areas that is 2 blocks from campus.  We are seeking 16 select male residents for the Fall of 2014, approximately 8-10 incoming Freshman, and 6 upperclassmen to join and live in the house.

What We Are Doing:

We are establishing a new house for young Christian men to help them transition from high school to the intense and busy lives of college students. We want the young men who live here to truly help each in their classes and in life, to support their community, and to be prepared for the challenges after graduation.  We plan to create a strong network of professionals from Seattle to serve as Christian mentors and education advisers to help these students achieve their dreams. Most of all, we want to create a place that will feel like home. Seattle is a very big place, and we believe that it is important for these future young leaders to have a home that they can count on — a place that will support them through their highs and lows.

What the House is All About:

We long for fraternity like it was meant to be – where we truly get to know each other, build friendships for a lifetime, grow in faith, and where we lift each other up in all things. We truly believe members of Alpha Omega Gentlemen will be fully prepared for the world after college through mentoring, degree and career advising, internships, interview and resume training, and leadership coaching.

Our House is Founded on Three Simple Ideas:

We want “To Gather” together to enrich each other’s lives.  We will extend ourselves to become leaders in our campus community, valuing others more than ourselves.  And we know that true leadership is service to others.

We want “To Grow” as individuals.  We know that it is important to grow spiritually from whatever place we begin.  We want to be a credit to ourselves and to our brothers, always doing our best.  And we want to be happy, focusing on that too as we continue on our journey.

And we want to be ready “To Go”.  We will be preparing to live successful lives after college, through supportive mentoring with professionals in our area of interest. And we are dedicated to preparing ourselves always by acquiring professional and interpersonal skills in order to make a compassionate difference in our world.

How to Apply:

Students of UW and SPU, If this sounds like what you are looking for, then we invite you to contact us for more information, and to apply for residency in the home beginning for the Fall Quarter in 2014.


Who We Are:

We are a committed Christian family, including a son who recently graduated from the University of Washington but did not find in the current fraternity system the kind of supportive living experience that he longed for. After prayer and reflection, we purchased this home 2 blocks from the University of Washington campus to create this nurturing and mentoring environment for this and future generations.

Please call or email us.

Thank You,

Derek Knies


M: (253) 653-0408

Henry Knies


M: (206) 854-9810