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Petunia – Better Than Ever!

Price: $50 min. donation to Campus Cats

Petunia, rescued from beneath a furniture warehouse last fall, though still technically a kitten, is nearly grown, and her grown-up personality is emerging. It’s time to update her ad, and there are a few things she wants you to know, if you are considering adoption. As it turns out, Petunia would just as soon be an only cat. What’s more, she expects to enjoy lots and lots of lap time and even being carried about. And room under the covers at bedtime, if possible, or at least at nap-time. And a steady diet of high-end kibbles only, please, though quality wet food would be given due consideration. But, most of all, Petunia longs for love from a person she will love in return. Someone who is a good listener, because Petunia trills and chirps when she tells you about her day. Only a little time is required for that love to grow and for joy to follow. Petunia is healthy, spayed, combo-tested, wormed, flea-free, vaccinated for distemper and rabies. Email stalbert@uw.edu or call 206-524-7326 to inquire.

Petunia - Better Than Ever!