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Petunia – Don’t Miss Out!

Price: $50 min. donation to Campus Cats

The bad news is, Petunia is still looking for a home. The good news is, her extra time spent with us while she waited for that home has made her a better young cat than she was a kitten…and she was a great little kitten! At 7 months old, Petunia is now sweeter than ever, trills more melodiously than ever, is even more respectful of other cats than before, and snuggles for hours. Somebody out there (you, perhaps) is missing out on a great little cat! Petunia loves the lap, loves other cats, and will quickly love you, too, if you will just give her a chance. Healthy, spayed, combo-tested, wormed, vaccinated. Call 206-524-7326 to inquire.

Petunia - Don