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Summer sublet, 2 rooms! Boy and girl, prefer roommates! Rent: Max $1000/month

Price: $1000 or lower/month

Hi! My boyfriend and I are looking for a two rooms, fully furnished, in a house or apartment near the UW to sublease over the summer (June 8th-Mid/end august). We would love to have roommates (preferably!). We are on a bit of a tight budget because my boyfriend has a house in Spokane that he isn’t able to sublease so he will still be paying rent for his house as well as splitting the rent/utilities/internet/etc. with me while he is here for the summer. We are both college students and will be working over the summer. Max rent for everything would absolutely be no more than $1000 ($500/person), though it would be great if we could each only have to pay around $400. It would also be great if it was pet friendly or at least if our roommates are okay with me bringing my gecko over with me!

If you have any other questions please contact me via email!