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Tamrac camara bag, used in great condition

Price: $36

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Internal Dimensions: 8½ W x 4¾ D x 9¼ H
22 x 12 x 23 cm
External Dimensions: 11½ W x 5¼ D x 12 H
29 x 13 x 30 cm
Weight: 1 lbs. 4 oz. (567 g)
Colors: Black

Though it doesn’t look like a camera bag, the Velocity 7 – Photo Sling Pack is a unique, ultra-functional pack that carries like a backpack, but by swinging it around to the front provides quick access to most digital or film SLRs long zoom lens attached, additional lenses and a flash. The modern sling design comfortably distributes the weight of photo equipment, but the real advantage is that, unlike a traditional photo backpack, it need not be removed to quickly access photo equipment.

The front pocket features Tamrac’s patented Memory & Battery Management System that uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up.  A Speed FlapTop and Easy Squeeze quick-release buckle provide security and complete rain coverage to the foam-padded main compartment. Inside, adjustable, foam-padded dividers provide a custom fit for equipment. A smooth nylon pocket on top holds filters and accessories while the front of the pack has an outer mesh pocket inside to organize film and accessories.

Carrying the sling is effortless with an adjustable, ergonomically designed, foam-padded strap that keeps the pack snug against the body. A Tuck-A-Way waist belt allows the pack to be used comfortably and safely even during vigorous activities such as hiking or biking. Pick up the pack with the convenient EasyGripcarrying handle.  Add optional Tamrac accessories using the attachment slots for our Modular Accessory System (M.A.S.) products to customize this ultra-functional sling pack.

Speed Flap™ Top provides instant access.
Carries an SLR with a 6″ zoom lens attached.
Modular Accessory System™ attachment slots.

Adjustable, foam-padded sling strap.
Adjustable, foam-padded internal dividers.
Easy Squeeze™ quick-release buckles assure security.

Smooth nylon pocket in top for filters and accessories.

Tamrac camara bag, used in great condition