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UW Research Study Seeking Women With Type II Diabetes

Have you recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes?

University of Washington researchers in the Departments of Pharmacy and OBGYN are seeking women (18-45 years old) to participate in an outpatient research study at University of Washington Medical Center. This study involves evaluation of metformin, an FDA-approved medication to treat Type II diabetes.


18-45 years of age

-Recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes

-Provide a negative pregnancy test

-Not yet started on drug treatment

Participation includes:

-2 longer study visits (about 4 hrs and 12 hrs in length)

-Up to 2 brief screening visits

-Blood and urine sample collection

-May earn up to $440 with free parking on study days

If you are interested in learning more about this study, please contact our research coordinators at (206) 543-5600.