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Wanted: Nanny for After School Care & Cooking

Working parents looking for someone who would be interested in part-time work doing after school-care for our two girls, ages 9 & 12.  We had nanny’s in the past, but haven’t had one for the past few years, but my work situation is changing and I’m no longer going to have the time for the after school stuff, driving the kids to their dance classes and cooking dinner.  Both are very good girls and well behaved, so overall would be pretty easy work, though they both do have allergies (different), so cooking is a bit more complex than for most kids, and is critical to be very detail oriented when it comes to food to insure that ingredients are correct, as well as having some creativity/flexibility in order to be able to handle and figure out appropriate substitutions and such.  We’re looking for somewhere around 3 to 4 hrs per day or so for 3-4 days per week, starting around 3:00pm.  We are located in the Redmond/Woodinville area.