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Your Dream Car – Porsche 944

Price: $4279.00

*I have many more pictures I can send you if you email me!*

Selling a beautiful silver-grey 1988 Porsche 944 (155k miles). I’ve had the vehicle under my care for 10 years now. The car has been maintained very well over the years, both myself and the previous owner took immaculate care of the vehicle. This car is 25 years old now so it’s not flawless, but from a few feet away it sure looks like it. There are some small cracks in the dash (Very common with this vehicle), The interior is clean with minor wear. The paint is in good to great condition but there are small chips in the front and some sun spots on the roof. Also, there is a small compact fracture in the windshield at the base (could probably have this fixed with a glass resin filler).

There’s a bonus included with the vehicle in the form of 4, 16″ nickel-alloy wheels and the tires to match them. The alloy wheels are all in great condition with some minor wear. The front tires are brand new, <20 miles driven on them ($300 dollar value). The backs are still in excellent condition with nearly new treading. The Porsche looks like a beast with these things on and I only put the stock wheels back on to get the alloy wheels cleaned and refinished.

I’ve recently completely rebuilt the fuse box in this vehicle. Those familiar with these vehicles know they can have electrical problems after years of use. I stripped everything down and removed all corrosion and sealed all contacts with DeoxIT contact cleaner and all harness connections were sprayed with lithium grease to ensure years more of use.

I also had the car looked over completely by Stingray auto in Seattle. They told me the car is in excellent mechanical shape. I bought a new battery from them that is under warranty for 5 years ($130 value).

Additionally, I just had the car freshly detailed by Kenny’s Auto Detail in Lake City, so she looks brand new ($300 dollar value).

Lastly, the brakes and exhaust were just examined by Professional Muffler and Brakes in Everett, the guy repaired one hole in the exhaust and told me the brakes look like they are brand new; “Put on yesterday,” to use his phrasing.

I mention the names of these shops because I did a lot of research to find places that were considered the best in their respective businesses for this area. All of these shops have an excellent reputation and their expertise is second to none.

Your Dream Car - Porsche 944