The NanoManufacturing Lab is located in the Aerospace Engineering Research Building (AERB). The lab is on the 3rd floor next to our offices and conference room, AERB 328. If you are interested in visiting the lab, please contact Jae Chung.


BioSafety Hood

Allows us to work with pathogens such as M. tuberculosis and E. Coli in our research efforts

Fume Hood

Expands the range of chemicals and materials able to be used for our research efforts

Laminar Hood

Helps reduce contamination of the materials, devices, and solution used in our research

Fluorescent Microscope

Used to indentify flourescently label cells

Probe Station

Used to indentify flourescently label cells


Our variety of microscopes aid in the observation of nano-scale materials and preforming research

Electrical Measurement Instruments

Using electrical fields and measuring activity is widely used in our nano research and devices

PCR Documentation

DNA Detection

Labratory Ovens

Precisely controlled ovens for baking, curing, and heating samples


Our high-resolution imaging is done with SEM and AFM microscopes located at the Nanotech User Facilities, located in Fluke Hall on the UW campus. Here.

Automated Capturing Device

A significant portion of the work done in the Nanomanufacturing Lab is building devices to aid in our research

Automated Capturing Device

Our machining is done at the Integrated Learning Factory on the UW campus. Here.