Past NNER Annual Conferences

2000: Portland, Maine, The Well Educated Teacher. Hosted by University of Southern Maine/Southern Maine Partnership.

2001: Denver, Colorado. Realizing the Partnership Promise: Policies, Practices and Possibilities. Hosted by Colorado Partnership for Educational Renewal and Colorado State University.

2002: Parsippany, New Jersey. Problematizing Our Work. Hosted by Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal.

2003: Salt Lake City, Utah. Partnering in Challenging Times: Celebrating Success, Strengthening Commitments, and Showing Results. Hosted by Brigham Young University – Public School Partnership.

2004: St. Louis, Missouri. 2004 and Beyond: Strengthening the Agenda for Democracy in Uncertain Times. Hosted by Metropolitan St. Louis Consortium for Educational Renewal and University of Missouri – Partnership for Educational Renewal.

2005: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Education for Everyone: Engaging Schools, Higher Education, and Communities in Democratic Education. Hosted by South Carolina Network for Educational Renewal.

2006: Cincinnati, Ohio. Leadership for Simultaneous Renewal: Changing Roles in Changing Times. Hosted by Miami University Partnership and Wright State University Partnership.

2007: Charleston, West Virginia, Building Bridges to Sustain Simultaneous Renewal: Philosophy to Practice, Practice to Policy, Urban to Rural. Hosted by The Benedum Collaborative, College of Human Resources and Education – West Virginia University.

2008: Arlington, Texas. Looking to the Past to Inform the Future. Hosted by the Arlington University – School Network for Educational Renewal and the El Paso Network for Educational Renewal.

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