Novosselov Research Group welcomes applications for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral researchers to join our team. We are always looking for individuals driven by curiosity to work in the exciting multidisciplinary research environment in our research group.

Graduate Research

We welcome anyone interested in pursuing a research position in the lab. To apply, please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and any published work (if any). Research positions are available when new grants are awarded to the lab, but we certainly have room in the lab for students who have their own funding or who are interested in applying for outside support. We also encourage students from underrepresented groups in science and engineering to contact Dr. Novosselov a few months before the graduate school deadline so that we can apply for fellowships or additional funding together. Also, in your application to UW's graduate school, be sure to include Dr. Novosselov's name in your statement of purpose as a professor whose work interests you.

Undergraduate Research

As an undergraduate who seeks to pursue a career in the competitive scientific fields, participation in an independent research project can put you ahead of the pack. At Novossselov Research group, undergraduates from conventional science and business programs have the opportunity to collaborate on projects that address contemporary problems. This real-world research will prepare you for top graduate programs and postdoctoral training at internationally recognized institutions. Research experience extends beyond what you learn in the classroom, assisting your development as a creative, persistent, and responsible leader.  To set up an undergraduate research experience, please send me an email with a brief description of yourself and your unofficial transcripts. It would help if you state in your email your motivation for research experience and why you would like to work in this lab.  Since we will commit our time to train you in our methods/protocols, we expect 6-12 hours of commitment to the lab per week for at least two quarters. Students can also do research for credit by enrolling in ME498 'Special Projects' with permission from Prof. Novosselov.