Microparticle adhesion and removal is critical in many scientific and engineering applications, including non-contact sampling, environmental and occupational health assessments, industrial applications, and surface cleaning. Theoretical models and established methods for the measurement of adhesion forces are limited in their applications; these methods typically measure normal (lift) force and do not account for laterally applied forces, such as drag force and the resulting moments that are prevalent in many real-world resuspension scenarios
We have developed an experimental method for characterization of removal thresholds and forces for removal of non-spherical organic particles (trace explosives) for the development of effective aerodynamic sampling units. The aerodynamic measurement method is very sensitive to the surface and the particle roughness parameters: at the inception of the rolling motion, the particle may need to overcome the effect of asperities on the test surface or the particle surface. Chemical analysis  (LC-MS) is used to investigate removal from opaque and irregular surfaces commonly encountered at centers of interest like airports, malls etc.
This work can be used as a baseline for future resuspension studies, designs of practical systems, and model validation studies. Please contact us for more information and collaborations.

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