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Dimension 3100 SPM

The Veeco Dimension 3100 Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) system is operated by the new powerful and flexible NanoScope IVa Controller, integrated with the Dimension Hybrid XYZ Closed-Loop Scanner, and equipped with the Motorized Precision Sample Stage. In additional to the full range of scanning probe microscopic techniques including contact mode, tapping mode, phase imaging, lateral force microscopy (LFM), magnetic force microscopy (MFM), electric force microscope (EFM), and nanoindenting/scratching, the innovations of hardware and software offers tremendous new features in imaging, manipulating, and pulling techniques with high sensitivity and accuracy both in-air and in-liquid.

The NanoScope IVa Controller provides new input/output options, increased data resolution, new scanning features of Q-Cntrol and Quadrex, and supports for FastScan micro actuated cantilever. Quadrex and Q-Control technology greatly improve the sensitivity in phase measurement. FastScan enables approximately ten-times-faster scanning and reduces tip damage. The Dimension Hybrid XYZ Closed-Loop Scanner delivers 6 times lower Z sensor noise, precise X/Y control for imaging, positioning, and zooming, and highly accurate 3-axis closed-loop control for "pulling" techniques and "point-and-shoot" force measurement. The Motorized Precision Sample Stage allows for automatic to perform topographic imaging or force measurement across the surface according to programmed X-Y positions, and allows highly flexibility in sample size and mounting methods. The Direct Drive Fluid Cantilever Holder brings new fluid imaging capabilities to the Dimension 3100 SPM including improved ease of use in tapping mode and fluid flow near the tip as well as a flange that keeps fluids away from the piezo tube for higher reliability.

Dimension 3100 SPM Datasheet
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