NTUF Research Tool Inventory

Woollam M-2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Many modern technologies including photonics, electronic devices, advanced materials, miniaturized bio-medical tests etc. are based on application of thin films.  Ellipsometry is used for determination of thicknesses and optical parameters of thin films and multilayers. 

The M-2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer is the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.  Measurements covering the entire spectral range from deep ultraviolet to near infrared are accomplished in seconds–making the M-2000 ideal for a wide range of applications. 


  • Spectral Range:  210-1700nm
  • Scan Speed:  < 10 s for collection of entire spectral range
  • Spot Size:  Normal > 1.5 mm, Focused <150 µm
  • Sample mapping  150X150 mm
  • Sample Alignment:  Automated
  • Imaging: Integrated CCD camera
  • Heating Option:  Room temp to 300 *C

M-2000 Brochure
M-2000 Spec Sheet


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