National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is the United States' federal program to coordinate efforts in nanoscience, engineering and technology among agencies. Site resources include general information and research, links to partner agencies, institutions, research and national and international references.

Nanotechnology: Innovation for tomorrow's world is a general information "brochure" (60 pages long) was created by the European Commission to illustrate to the public what nanotechnology is including instruments and processes of nanotechnology, applications for society, visions, opportunities and risks, and resources for education.

International Dialogue on Responsible Research and Development of Nanotechnology is a report by the Meridian Institute that describes the informal dialogue between international governmental organizations from countries with significant nanotechnology research and development programs.

Nano and the Poor is a web site developed by the Meridian Institute designed to raise awareness, engage a multi-stakeholder dialogue, and identify elements of a model for the role of science and technology in development.

Nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties is a joint report of the National Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society in UK that illustrates the benefits and need for continued public debate regarding continuing development. Issues of health and environmental effects of nanoparticles are highlighted.

Benefits, Risks, Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Nanotechnology is a report funded by the European Commission that explores the present state of the public and scientific debate on European and global research and development of nanotechnology. The site requires free registration to download the report at

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