REU Program

The NNIN Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program provides a 10-week-long, hands-on summer research project for undergraduates from across the country.

UW-CNT faculty volunteers prepare ideas for potential projects in their laboratories targeted to undergraduate level science students. Projects are carefully planned in advance, of appropriate scope and challenge level, with well defined goals, and adequate local support. Students from a national pool of applicants are then matched with faculty from participating universities on the bases of backgrounds and interests.

As well as meeting regularly with the REU participant, faculty typically engage one or more of their laboratory's graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows to provide daily oversight of the undergraduate's work.

REU students become active members of a research laboratory, learning a range of techniques and methodologies, studying the original research literature, and joining in lab meetings and dialogs around the broader ongoing investigations. As a key part of the NNIN REU experience, students also receive training in and gain hands-on experiences with cutting edge nanotechnology instrumentation in the NTUF.

The nature and specifics of the science content mastered during the REU experience varies widely, reflecting the breadth of the rapidly growing field of nanoscience. Recent UW REU experiences have focused on such topics as:

  • Integrated Biologically Active Microsystems Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Hybrid Nano-Scale Pattern Formation through Nanocrystal Self-Assembly
  • Molecular Substrates for Nanobiotechnology
  • Synthesis of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Dots

As a part of their learning experience, REU students write up final reports as formal scientific papers, gaining valuable further experience with this key facet of the scientific enterprise. Further, at the end of the ten-week term, students attend a national convocation where they both learn about the work of their peers across the nation and present their own research.

Past REU fellows (

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