Carrington Lab at SICB in San Francisco

The Carrington Lab was busy at this year’s annual meeting of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology in San Francisco, with a total of five presentations.  Awesome work everyone!

George, M.N. and E. Carrington, 2018. Mussel byssus attachment in a patchy ocean: pH and dissolved oxygen at the substrate-adhesive interface diverges from oceanic conditions in mussel aggregations.

Guenther, R.J., K. Miklasz, E. Carrington and P.T. Martone, 2018. Macroalgal spore dysfunction: ocean acidification delays and weakens adhesion.

Hayford, H.A., M.N. George, and E. Carrington, 2018. Experimental ocean acidification inhibits snail growth.

Roberts, E.A. and E. Carrington, 2018. Incorporating structural biomaterials into a bioenergetics framework: an empirical test with marine mussels.

Harris, L. and  E. Carrington, 2018. The impacts of microplastic on the filter feeding of marine bivalves.