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Nutritional Sciences Theses & Dissertations

Autumn 2014 The Influence of Caregivers and Meal Decision Makers on the Nutritional Content of Fast Foods Purchased for Children Doris Chung Jennifer Otten MPH
Autumn 2014 Red Cell Distribution Width and Fall Events in Older Adults Anna Heninger Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Autumn 2014 Effects of State and Federal Legislation on a Sample of Local Public School District Wellness Policy Scores over Time Alexandra Kaufman Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2014 An Examination of Nutritional Outcomes from an Intensive Outpatient Pediatric Feeding Program for Children with Feeding Difficulties Carrie Ramsdell Donna Johnson MS
Autumn 2014 Association between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Obesity in a Pediatric Population Ge (Lilly) Wang Donna Johnson MS
Autumn 2014 Adherence to Micronutrient Supplementation in Bariatric Patients Qianxiong (Cherry) Zheng Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Summer 2014 Longitudinal Associations between Home Food Environment and Diet Quality in Children abstract Jonae Perez

Brian E. Saelens


Summer 2014 The Cost of Healty Foods in Seattle, WA: Price Trends from 2004-2014 abstract Katherine Freeman Adam Drewnowski MS
Summer 2014 Differential Effects of Fatty Acids on an In Vitro Model of Hepatocyte Steatosis abstract Srilekha Karunanithi

Alan Chait


Summer 2014 Assessing the Impact of Post-Purchase Barriers on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Secondary Analysis of a Survey of SNAP Recipients at Seattle Farmers Markets abstract Maia Kurnik Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2014 Can School Lunches Deliver Better Nutrition Without Sacrificing Palatability?  An Evaluation of Nutritional Adequacy of School Lunches in Urban Washington State abstract Diana Reid Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2014 Relationship between socioeconomic status and fruit and vegetable intake among Washington middle school students abstract Marina Mednik-Vaksman Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2014 Comparison of Gut Microbial Community in Infants and Toddlers with and without Phenylketonuria abstract Melissa Edwards Johanna Lampe MS
Spring 2014 Eating well and paying less: A study of positive deviance abstract Cara Davis Adam Drewnowski MPH
Winter 2014 Socioeconomic trends in household food expenditures: Comparing objective food shopping receipts vs. Self-reports abstract Zhongyuan Liu Adam Drewnowski MPH
Winter 2014 Variation in WIC Cash-Value Voucher Redemption Rates among American Indian Reservation Communities In Washington State abstract Kimberly C. McLaury Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2014 Metabolome response to glycemic load in a randomized, controlled, crossover feeding trial in humans abstract Sally Barton Johanna Lampe MS
Winter 2014 Association between objective measurement of walking activity and neighborhood walkability abstract Liang-Dar Hwang Glen Duncan MS
Autumn 2013 Relationship between parental use of praise and child weight outcomes in the FOCUS pediatric obesity study abstract Carrie Dennett Brian Saelens MPH
Autumn 2013 Development of the DESK (Disinhibited Eating Score for Koreans) Questionnaire: Examining the relationship between eating cues and food intake in the corporate-working population of Seoul, Korea abstract Young Mee (Mya) Kwon Marian Neuhouser MPH
Autumn 2013 Barriers to WIC Benefits Redemption among Participants in Washington State abstract abstract Shelly Najjar Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2013 Plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 response to vitamin D supplementation in obese and non-obese men and women abstract Kelly Ahern Mario Kratz MS
Autumn 2013 Predictors of Responsiveness to Vitamin D Supplementation and Outcomes Assessment in Patients Undergoing Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery abstract Jessica Kim Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Autumn 2013 A comparison of the effect of consuming a fructose-, glucose-, or aspartame-sweetened beverage on ad libitum caloric intake abstract Laura Tobias Mario Kratz MS
Summer 2013 Do screen time policies matter? The association between the presence of screen time policies in child care facilities and child care provider knowledge, provider advocacy and facility practices abstract Elizabeth Aong Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2013 Assessing green space as a correlate of physical activity among twins abstract Isabel Kanholm Glen Duncan MPH
Summer 2013 District Market: A pilot marketing study abstract Krista Ulatowski Adam Drewnowski MPH
Summer 2013 Chronic stress alters serum lipids: effects due to "stress eating" versus metabolic changes abstract Allison Parker Michael Rosenfeld MS
Summer 2013 Metabolism of Plant Lignans by Human Intestinal Bacteria abstract
Seth Yoder Johanna Lampe MS
Summer 2013 Obtaining nutritional information for dietary assessment abstract Marc Zimmerman Marian Neuhouser MS
Spring 2013 The association between access to water and sugary-sweetened beverage consumption in 37 schools in King County abstract Sepideh Dibay Moghadam Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2013 Acquired copper deficiency post-Roux-en-Y gastric bypass Surgery: A systematic review abstract Amanda Wood Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Winter 2013 Eating frequency, disease-related biomarkers and appetite Martine (Petey) Perrigue Marian Neuhouser PhD
Winter 2013 Assessment of parenting stress as measured by the parenting stress index-short form related to treatment and management of a child with phenylketonuria abstact Angela Thanh Tam Stevenson Shirley A.A. Beresford MPH
Winter 2013 Prevalence of anemia and use of red cell distribution width as a predictive tool in a bariatric surgery population abstract Kelly Peterson Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Autumn 2012 Effects of voluntary running on inflammation and tumor progression in mice abstract Jorming Goh Warren Ladiges PhD
Autumn 2012 Associations among grade, sex and free and reduced price lunch eligibility with use of nutrition labels in middle and high school students abstract Elisabet Eppes Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 The effect of meal preparation time on food expenditure and menu quality in family child-care homes in King County, Washington abstract Emily Faerber Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 The use of 100% fruit juice as a fruit and vegetable equivalent in snacks served in federally-subsidized child care homes abstract Juli Louttit Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 Is healthy happy? The affective impact of the Renton Menu Labeling Project in an adolescent population abstract Katherine Potestio Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 Restricted eating behavior in children with PKU and HPA abstract Sarah Bailey Cris Trahms/Donna Johnson MS
Autumn 2012 Self-efficacy of monitoring eating choices associated with autonomy, fruit and vegetable intake and BMI in the MOVE'M Study abstract Kailee Farnum Shirley A.A. Beresford MS
Autumn 2012 Relationship between aerobic fitness and academic achievement in Seattle secondary school children abstract Jamie Kowatch Glen Duncan MS
Spring 2012 Fast-food consumption and the fast-food environment abstract Richard Lau Glen DuncanMPH
Spring 2012 Effects of differentially sweetened beverages on hepatic and adipose tissue de novo lipogenesis in healthy young adults abstractSarah ShimerMario KratzMPH
Summer 2012 What's on the menu? An evaluation of the foods served in Federally-subsidized child care homes abstract Bridget Igoe Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2012 Comparing food desert and non-food desert residents by key socio-demographic variables, distance to supermarkets, supermarket type by price, diet quality and obesity in King Co, WA abstract Lola Sachiko Stronach

Adam Drewnowski MPH
Summer 2012 A twin study of the relation between age at dieting onset and to adult BMI and dieting behaviors abstract Erin Enriquez Glen Duncan MS
Winter 2012 The effects of high- and low-glycemic load diets on subjective mood and energy levels in normal weight and overweight/obese adults Kara Breymeyer Marian Neuhouser MPH
Winter 2012 Area-level measures of deprivation predict food patterns among 7th grade students in Washington State abstract Russell OwenDonna JohnsonMPH
Winter 2012 Clinical outcomes following pre-and post-operative vitamin D supplementation in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients abstractCharlotte NeilsonLingtak-Neander ChanMS
Autumn 2011 Assessing family food insecurity in a public health clinical setting: What are the barriers to using food assistance resources? Dara Carlson (Kimmel) Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2011The use of complementary and alternative medicine in families with children with autism spectrum disorderYvette FierceDonna JohnsonMPH
Autumn 2011 Undergraduate attitudes and opinions on nutrition and wellness classes and services at the University of WashingtonJennifer RossAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Autumn 2011 Developing methods for using GPS devices in nutrition and health-related researchJulianne WilliamsAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Autumn 2011 Differing levels of food reward in rats fed diets of various fat content during adolescence Molly Acheson Dianne Figewicz-Latteman MS
Autumn 2011 Plasma ghrelin levels in humans and the influence of restrained eating behaviors on caloric intake Rachel Myhre Mario Kratz MS
Autumn 2011 Urinary sucrose and fructose as a biomarker of sugar exposure in a controlled feeding study Elena Razmpoosh (Dan) Johanna Lampe MS
Summer 2011 Cruciferous vegetables and biomarkers of inflammation in a controlled feeding trial in humans: Effects of GST genotypesSandi Navarro Johanna LampePhD
Summer 2011 Regional capacity, experience and readiness for health policy development in Washington State Cynthia Spencer Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2011 Hemoglobin A1c testing: A useful adjunct for improving treatment outcomes in diabetic inpatientsCasey Wilson Michael RosenfeldMPH
Summer 2011 Association of types of physical activity on regional body composition in normal and overweight/obese adults Barbara Pullar Marian Neuhouser
Summer 2011 The BALANCE Study (Bioengineering Approaches for Lifestyle Activity and Nutrition Continuous Engagement): Developing and testing a novel device for measuring energy balance in real-time Heather Snively Glen Duncan MS
Spring 2011 King County menu labelling: Do customers respond by reducing the caloric and saturated fat content of drinks purchased at coffee chains?Anna GabrielAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Spring 2011 Contribution of social support to diet for diabetes management among Hispanic adults of the Yakima ValleyAmy MercerElizabeth KirkMPH
Spring 2011 The zinc protoporphyrin to heme ratio of preterm and high risk infants Carissa Cheng Donna Johnson MS
Winter 2011The impact of stress on the BMI of women in the Seattle Obesity StudyAmanda BuhlAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Winter 2011 Nutrition profile of Washington State's WIC food packages: Improving target nutrient availability and food choices for WIC participantsJoyce Chen Donna JohnsonMPH
Winter 2011 The King County nutrition labeling regulation: Have restaurants removed higher-calorie entrees and added lower-calorie entrees to their menus?Lisa HigginsAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Winter 2011 Local policies related to restaurant menu labeling: Barriers, facilitating factors, and the role of local health departments Elizabeth Payne Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2011 The impact of high- and low-glycemic load diets and obesity on sleep outcomes Ophelia Woo Johanna Lampe MPH
Winter 2011 Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in children with phenylketonuria Mari Obara Cristine Trahms MS
Autumn 2010 Selenium, selenoenzymes and the risk of colorectal and esophageal cancers Yumie Takata Ulrike Peters PhD
Autumn 2010 Current nutrition practices and perceived barriers to increasing nutrition requirements in school-age child care settings Kate Murphy Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2010 The reliability and validity of a survey instrument measuring screen time in 4th and 5th grade children and family food purchases of heavily advertised foods Shauna Michelle Pirotin Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2010 The BALANCE Study (Bioengineering Approaches to Lifestyle Activity and Nutrition Continuous Engagement): Using the design-feedback cycle to improve methods measuring energy intake via electronic food diaryChandra Deonna HughesGlen Duncan MS
Summer 2010 The search for affordable nutrient rich foods: A comparison of supermarket food prices in Seattle-King County Nadia Khawaja MahmudAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Summer 2010 The cost of healthy food in Seattle, 2004 to 2009Julia McLainAdam DrewnowskiMS
Spring 2010Self monitoring and eating-related behaviors associated with 12-month weight change among post-menopausal sedentary overweight/obese women in lifestyle behavior change trialAngela KongAnne McTiernan/Shirley BeresfordPhD
Spring 2010The relationship between cruciferous vegetables and human gut microbiota Fei LiJohanna LampePhD
Spring 2010 Evaluation of a multicultural diabetes education program in Seattle, WA Kristi Timme Elizabeth Kirk MPH
Spring 2010 Comparing daily sodium intake recommendations with sodium content in meals available at chain restaurants Katherine Winne Barbara Bruemmer MPH
Spring 2010 The association of BME with beverage consumption and fast food consumption among Hispanics with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes in the Yakima Valley Maria Nestleroad Barbara Bruemmer MS
Winter 2010 Breast milk feeding practices of singletons and twins: Initiation, duration, exclusivity and factors associated with choice and achievementNila GregoryDonna JohnsonMPH
Autumn 2009 Access to healthy and less healthy food options in a low-income, racially diverse Seattle neighborhood Sara Coulter Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2009 Evaluation of food quality at an emergency food pantryKimberly NguyenDonna JohnsonMPH
Autumn 2009 Fast food challenge: Impact of a WIC nutrition education program accompanying menu labeling legislation Jennifer Tucci Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2009 The assessment of appetite and ad-libitum calorie intake in humans Moz Benado Mario Kratz MS
Autumn 2009 Estimation of energy needs for critically ill patients Allison Doull Elizabeth Kirk MS
Autumn 2009 Assessing the prognostic value of plasma vitamin C status of medicine intensive care unit patients Erin Hoge Elizabeth Kirk MS
Autumn 2009 Exploring the role of PARP-1 in obesity related Inflammation Kimberly Kellogg Elizabeth Kirk MS
Autumn 2009 Association of energy-dense diets with metabolic and cardiovascular health in Native American adults Jaime Waliczek Glen Duncan MS
Summer 2009 Effects of community socioeconomics and demographics on farmers marketsCarley BollenAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Summer 2009 An examination of strategies used to develop school wellness policies in Washington StateStacy GillilandDonna JohnsonMPH
Summer 2009 Added soluble fiber enhances the satiating power of low-energy-density liquid yogurts Martine Perrigue Marian Neuhouser MS
Spring 2009 The role of TNF alpha receptors in diet induced obesity Nathalie Pamir Renee LeBoeuf PhD
Spring 2009 Obesity guildelines in practice at Northwest Pediatric Center of Lewis CountyEmily HallDonna JohnsonMPH
Spring 2009 Special diets to treat autism: Correlation of diet use with gastrointestinal illnesses in children with autism spectrum disorders Elizabeth Knierim Elizabeth Kirk MS
Winter 2009 The role of sphingosine-1-phosphate in regulating NADPH oxidase activity in smooth muscle cells Jack (Shuo-Hung) Hsiao Renee LeBoeuf MS
Autumn 2008 The role of macrophage-derived MMP12 in diet-induced obesity Celeste (Jung-Ting) Lee Elizabeth Kirk/Jay Heineke PhD
Autumn 2008 Exploring the role of RBP in obesity-induced adipose tissue macrophage accumulation Yi-Ching Chiu Elizabeth Kirk MS
Autumn 2008 The role of retinol-binding protein in the development of insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Paula Jahn Elizabeth Kirk MS
Summer 2008 Questionnaire development and associations with yoga, BMI and exercise Celia Framson Alan Kristal MPH
Summer 2008 The policy process in trails initiatives: The Healthy Communities Moses Lake experience Shannon Kirkpatrick Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2008 Change in dietary intake in response to the dietary modification intervention is associated with change in physical activity among postmenopausal women in the Women's Health Initiative Joanna Russell Shirley A.A. Beresford MPH
Spring 2008 Assessment of parenting stress related to treatment and management of a child with medium chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency identified by newborn screeningRoseann TorkelsonCris TrahmsMS
Winter 2008 Effect of GSTM1 polymorphisms on the excretion of urinary isothiacyanates following continuous cruciferous vegebable consumption in a randomized ontrolled cross-over study Colleen Antvelink Johanna Lampe MS
Winter 2008 Effects of soda consumption on bone mineral density in Native American women: Results from the EARTH cohort study Joy Supplee Glen Duncan MS
Autumn 2007 Risk and protective factors for Barrett's Esophagu esophagus Olivia Thompson Shirley Beresford PhD
Autumn 2007 Alkylresorcinols as a biomarker of whole-grain intake in a US population Laura Guyman Johanna Lampe MS
Summer 2007 Pomegranate juice and atherosclerosis: In vitro and in vivo effectsMichelle AverillMichael RosenfeldPhD
Summer 2007Evaluation of nutrition policies regarding vending machines in 2 high schools in Washington StateMatt CheungAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Summer 2007The low monetary cost of energy dense foods and diets in Seattle, WashingtonPablo MonsivaisAdam DrewnowskiMPH
Summer 2007 Weight cycling is associated with altered hormonal and metabolic profiles in postmenopausal women Laura Hooper Cornelia Ulrich MS
Summer 2007 Reliability and validity testing of a brief dietary assessment tool for use in the policy legistation and nutrition (PLAN) project in Washington State middle schools Sonya Lilley Donna Johnson MS
Spring 2007 DNA Damage and Repair: Fruit and Vegetable Effect s in a Feeding Trial Jyh-Lurn Chang Johanna Lampe PhD
Spring 2007 Attenuation of exertional muscle damage with a nutritional supplement LesLee (Sanders) Funderbunk Glen Duncan PhD
Spring 2007 Barriers to change in the Seattle 5 a Day Worksite Intervention ProgramGwyneth JonesShirley Beresford MPH
Spring 2007 Evaluation of the ethnic foods and education project in Seattle Public Schools Sukwan Nhan Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2007 Food form as a determinant of fruit and vegetable selection from an elementary school salad bar Mary Podrabsky Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2007 Weight change and diet costs in middle-aged adults: Is less more? Robyn Sakamoto Emily White MPH
Spring 2007 The effect of insulin resistance on blood lipid response to low-fat dietary intake Ben Atkinson Barbara Bruemmer MS
Spring 2007 PARP-1: Friend or foe in the progression of atherosclerosis? Chelsey Bobcek Elizabeth Kirk MS
Spring 2007Does iron status manipulation alter cholesterol uptake and atherosclerotic gene expression in mouse macrophages?Ruiwen QinElizabeth KirkMS
Spring 2007 Nutrition therapy for stroke patients: outcome studyAzusa SaigusaShirley BeresfordMS
Spring 2007 The lifestyle and individual characteristics of extreme supplement users in the VITamins and Lifestyle (VITAL) cohort study of Western Washington State Kathryn Thomson Alan Kristal MS
Winter 2007 The impact of breastfeeding social marketing on policy and environments in worksites and childcare sites Clairessa Roach Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2007 Maternal stress and other characteristics of families with children fed homemade formula by gastrostomy tube Melissa Mortensen Donna Johnson MS
Autumn 2006 Effects of isoflavones and 17 beta-estradiol on gene methylation and gene expression in human colon cancer cell lines Yu Chen Johanna Lampe PhD
Autumn 2006 Zinc and boron: Measurement and association with prostate cancer Alejandro Gonzales Emily White PhD
Autumn 2006 Plasma carotenids and vitamin C and risk of fibroadenoma in women of Shanghai Rose Brown Johanna Lampe MS
Autumn 2006 An assessment of influences and barriers to health in a multiethnic sample of parents and teens to inform the development of resources on healthy lifestyles Heather Paves Cristine Trahms MS
Autumn 2006 The comparative effects of exogenous antioxidants and endogenous antioxidants in protection from cytotoxicity induced by oxidized low density lipoprotein in macrophages Shi-Hui Yang Michael Rosenfeld MS
Summer 2006 Analysis of Washington State school district nutrition and fitness policies Janice Kao Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2006 Preferences of Samoan and Tongan Americans in community health promotion Shannon Turner Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2006 Impact of admission body weight and pretransplant comorbidities on the outcomes of autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation Maki Inoue Barbara Bruemmer MS
Spring 2006 Healthful eating patterns and immune function in postmenopausal womenAlanna BoyntonCornelia UlrichMS
Spring 2006 Evaluation of the significance of body mass index in determining lipid responsiveness to low-fat diets Karen Fischer Barbara Bruemmer MS
Spring 2006 Effects of body weight change on C-reactive protein levels in sedentary adults after exercise interventionBethany FolsomGlen DuncanMS
Spring 2006 Effects of experiential nutrition education in pediatric renal transplant patients Kelly Gray McKean Cristine Trahms MS
Spring 2006 Physical and cognitive status of children born to women with phenylketonuria Jacqueline Messner Cristine Trahms MS
Winter 2006 Chondroplastic conversion and calcification of advanced atherosclerotic lesions: The impact of bone regulatory proteins and diet Brian Bennett Michael Rosenfeld PhD
Winter 2006 Impact of Take Charge of your Health Senior Nutrition Education Program Jaclyn Burm Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2006 ClickIt! To reduce television in early childhood: Evaluation of a pilot intervention with preschool-aged childen and their families Acacia Larson (Smith) Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2006Assessing potential adolescent use of dance simulation games for physical activity Kirsten Leng (Best)Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2006 The Moses Lake Youth Wellness Team: A case studyMartha YarbroughDonna JohnsonMPH
Winter 2006 Comparison of biological and non-biological outcomes associated with the fasting versus modified fasting protocol used to initiaite the ketogenic diet at Seattle Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center Christina Hood Cris Trahms MS



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