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Nutritional Sciences Program

Information for Current Students

Course Registration:

When registering for 600, 700 or 800-level course, please remember that you will need to complete the "Proposal for Independent Study Registration." This form needs to be signed by the student, instructor and director; this ensures that the appropriate people have approved your course of action. Proposal form (pdf)

Graduating Soon?

If you are a MS or MPH student who is planning on graduating within the next quarter, have the Graduate Program Assistant prepare a file review for you, and apply for your Master's Degree on-line. More information

On-Leave Status

If you want to go on-leave for a period of time, you must first consult with your advisor/supervisory committee chairperson. Together you will form a written plan for making progress toward the degree. More information

Updated December 12, 2013


2014 Graduation & Commencement Events

Johanna Lampe honored with Senior Investigator Award
Dr. Lampe received the American Society of Nutrition's Mary Swartz Rose Senior Investigator Award in honor of her outstanding research on the safety and efficacy of bioactive compounds for human health. more>



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