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NUTR 532: MPH Nutrition Fieldwork

MPH-nutrition students complete 1-2 fieldwork experiences (NUTR 532). MPH students who are not in the Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics complete two fieldwork rotations (2 cr of Nutr 532). MPH/GCPD students complete 1 credit of NUTR 532 (the equivalent of the second fieldwork is completed during the GCPD internship and is documented on the transcript as NUTR 561).


Summary of Steps

  • Review and follow the detailed guidelines MPH Nutrition Fieldwork Guidelines.
  • In conjunction with fieldwork preceptor, describe project, set timeline and outline final product on the MPH Nutrition Fieldwork Agreement.
  • Complete experience planned.
  • Provide the preceptor with the MPH Nutrition Fieldwork Student Evaluations and schedule a time to discuss the evaluation. Submit the signed student evaluation to the MPH Nutrition Coordinator.
  • Develop a project summary report including a log of activities, reflection on the experience and its application to their future practice of public health. For further instructions, read MPH Nutrition Fieldwork Guidelines.
  • Present on the experience to fellow MPH Nutrition Students.

Fieldwork and Practicum Faculty Advisor

Anne Lund, MPH, RD
324 Raitt Hall
(206) 221-4920

Updated September 12, 2014


Please join us for our Winter 2015 seminar series that will examine critical issues in global nutrition, such as malnutrition, hidden hunger, and dual burden of disease, focusing on food justice and the right to food both in Seattle–King County and globally. The seminar is open to all UW faculty, staff, and students. Seminar Schedule

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