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Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics


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GCPD Mission & Goals

The dietetic program is an integral part of the Nutritional Sciences Program and is administered through the School of Public Health.

GCPD Mission

The mission of the Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics is to develop competent professionals with a strong foundation in the applied science of nutrition and provide training to integrate research into practice, support leadership development and enable graduates to assume careers in dietetics.

GCPD Goals

Goal 1: Program Outcomes

  • Provide an evidence-based curriculum and supervised practice to develop competent dietetic professionals.

Goal 2: Research and Technology

  • Integrate research, informatics and technology into courses and the Practice Experience to encourage lifelong learning and advancement of technical skills.

Goal 3: Leadership

  • Prepare students in the GCPD to assume roles in leadership and policy development.

Program Outcomes and Learning Objectives


Updated October 16, 2013

For questions about the GCPD, please contact:

University of Washington
Nutritional Sciences Program
305 Raitt Hall, Box 353410
Seattle, WA 98195

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