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Nutritional Sciences Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Program in Nutritional Sciences is to promote better health and prevent illness through increasing the understanding of nutritional science, carrying out the University’s broad mission of teaching, research, service, and supporting academic public health practice. In doing so, we want to provide an environment that promotes excellence in these areas. We have defined the following principal goals:

  • To expand the base of knowledge in nutritional sciences by creating an environment that supports careful research in the areas of public health, clinical, and experimental nutrition.
  • To train graduate students in nutritional sciences and other UW programs so that they can conduct quality research in experimental, clinical, and public health nutrition, and apply nutritional science knowledge to promote health in community and health care delivery settings.
  • To disseminate, integrate, and enhance the application of nutritional science knowledge in community and health care settings.
  • To promote better health through meaningful nutrition service activities in the University and the community.
  • To prepare students to be nutrition professionals.
  • To introduce undergraduate students to the field of nutritional sciences in order to promote a diverse nutrition workforce.


Please join us for our Winter 2015 seminar series that will examine critical issues in global nutrition, such as malnutrition, hidden hunger, and dual burden of disease, focusing on food justice and the right to food both in Seattle–King County and globally. The seminar is open to all UW faculty, staff, and students. Seminar Schedule



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