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Nutritional Sciences Program

Registering for Classes

Registration is done online, through MyUW.

Registration dates for each quarter are provided in the university’s academic calendar. The first day of registration for upcoming quarters is:

Spring 2015: February 13, 2015
Summer 2015: April 13, 2015
Autumn 2015: May 8, 2015

You will be able to register for most nutrition (NUTR) courses without an entry code. The only courses that will still require entry or faculty codes are those requiring a signed fieldwork/practicum agreement or proposal for independent study registration ("goldenrod" form): NUTR 532; NUTR 595; NUTR 600, 700, 800. To receive a code for one of these courses, submit the completed form to the NSP office (Raitt 305) or nutr@uw.edu.

Fieldwork (NUTR 532) and Practicum (NUTR 595)

MPH students will register for NUTR 532 and NUTR 595.

These forms must be submitted before you register. You will not receive entry codes without these forms.

Independent Study (NUTR 600), Thesis (NUTR 700), and Dissertation (NUTR 800)

NUTR 600 is considered "Independent Study" for doing research or to fill in for course numbers that are not activated. If you ever need to register for NUTR 600, you will have been directed to do so by someone in the program.

You can register for NUTR 700 (Thesis) after completing your Nutritional Sciences Portfolio, which is submitted soon after the completion of the core courses by June 30th of the first year of study.

NUTR 800 is dissertation credit. You may not register for dissertation credits until you have passed your General Exam and have been granted candidacy.

For NUTR 600 (Independent Study), NUTR 700 (Thesis) or NUTR 800 (Dissertation), use the Proposal for Independent Study. This form must be submitted before you register. You will not receive an entry code without this form. It must be signed both by you and the person with whom you are doing your independent study credit. It must be filled out enough that the director can read it and have a fairly clear idea of what you are doing.

Second Year GCPD Students

Second year GCPD students will follow the registration instructions provided via e-mail by Professional and Continuing Education.

Other Departments

Nutrition Students taking classes through Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health Services, or other Public Health Programs should consult the time schedule for registration information. If entry codes are required, contact information will be provided there.

Last updated April 3, 2013


Please join us for our Winter 2015 seminar series that will examine critical issues in global nutrition, such as malnutrition, hidden hunger, and dual burden of disease, focusing on food justice and the right to food both in Seattle–King County and globally. The seminar is open to all UW faculty, staff, and students. Seminar Schedule

Faculty Postions Available The Nutritional Sciences Program and Department of Health Services are accepting applications to fill positions at the rank of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor (WOT). Position Announcement & Application Instructions



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