NW AETC ECHO was launched in February 2012 to expand the HIV care capacity of health care professionals and health care delivery systems in remote, underserved areas of Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. This region encompasses some of the least populated states in the US and is predominately a rural and frontier region with few urban areas. In such a vast geographic region, HIV telehealth resources support providers who would otherwise have few HIV resources and opportunities for further professional development.

What We Do

Modeled after the University of New Mexico's Project ECHO, NW AETC ECHO aims to build the confidence and skills of rural, low-volume health care providers (HCP) and clinics in the Northwest region to provide high quality HIV care to patients. Using interactive video, NW AETC ECHO offers weekly online clinics, providing real-time clinical consultation between community providers and a multidisciplinary panel of HIV experts, including Infectious Disease, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Case Management. In each clinic session, HIV experts provide a short clinical HIV update and in-depth case consultations. Using this model, NW AETC ECHO fosters mentoring relationships between the HIV expert panel and participating HCP, as well as developing a peer learning and support network in the region.

Read more about the NW AETC ECHO program on the AETC National Resource's ShareSpot Blog featuring founding Medical Director, Dr. Christian Ramers.

How We Do It

nwaetc echo tier 1 action collage photo Using the ECHO system to bring together clinics across the Pacific Northwest, particpants interact via live video to share and discuss clinical cases. Represented in this image are Seattle and Spokane, WA, Bozeman and Kalispell, MT, Medford and Springfield, OR, Jerome and Pocatello, ID, and Anchorage, AK.

Join Us!

If you are interested in attending NW AETC ECHO, please discuss your participation with our Medical Director, Brian Wood.

If you have any additional question, feel free to contact us at aetcecho@uw.edu.