AIDS Clinical Conference

The AIDS Clinical Conference series is typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 8am-9am in the Research and Training building at Harborview Medical Center.

The Harborview Medical Center AIDS Clinical Conference is one of the longest running clinical HIV conferences in the United States. Drs Joan Kriess and Ann Collier established the conference in the mid-1980s shortly after HIV was identified and the scope of the epidemic was not yet in focus. Over the last 20 years literally hundreds of speakers from around the country and the world have delivered lectures on a wide variety of HIV topics from prevention and vaccine research to antiretroviral therapy, drug resistance and the adverse effects of HIV treatment.

The conference is extremely popular among regional HIV providers, University of Washington faculty, housestaff and students and local public health officials and typically hosts between 50 and 100 attendees. The conference is sponsored by the Harborview Madison Clinic (the largest provider of HIV care in the Northwest) and the University of Washington Center for AIDS Research and the Northwest AIDS Education and Training Center.

The objectives of the HMC ACC are to:

  • Educate regional HIV providers, students and investigators on the latest therapies and research findings reported in the literature and presented at scientific meetings;
  • Provide a venue where regional HIV providers and the HIV research community can congregate to discuss newly recognized trends in HIV disease and treatment;
  • Provide a forum for local HIV providers and researchers to interact with international colleagues with the goal of fostering collaborative HIV research and training projects.

For more information, please contact Dila Perera Washington Training Manager, NW AETC, 206-543-3319 or Samantha Benson, Health Educator, Madison Clinic, 206-744-5564.

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Upcoming Conference Topics

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2014 AIDS Clinical Conference

Date Presenter(s) Title
3/17/15 Nina Kim, MD, Ruanne Barnabas, MD, Brian Wood, MD, Shireesha Dhanireddy, MD 

CROI 2015
2/18/15 Joanne Stekler, MD 

Experiences with PEP and PrEP in Seattle
1/16/15 Jim Kublin, MD, MPH 

Update on HIV Vaccine Development
11/18/14 Joel Gallant, MD, MPH

ART Update: Choosing (and Switching) Antiretroviral Therapy in 2014
10/21/14 Jared Baeten, MD, PhD and Shireesha Dhanireddy, MD

Update on PrEP | PrEP: The Harborview Madison Experience
9/16/14 Matthew Golden, MD, PhD and John Scott, MD

Local Epidemiology and Testing of HIV and Advances in the Diagnosis | Treatment of Hepatitis C
7/24/14 Thomas Quinn, MD

Biomedical Prevention of HIV: Are We Translating Research into Acting
6/17/14 Savitha Subramanian, MD

New Cholesterol Guidelines and HLD Treatments for the HIV-Positive
5/20/14 Jennifer Unger, MD

Reproductive Care and Options for HIV-Infected Women and Serodiscordant Couples
4/15/14 Susan Graham, MD

MSM in the African HIV Epidemic
3/18/14 Ann Collier, MD
Shireesha Dhanireddy, MD
Julie Dombrowski, MD
Nina Kim, MD, MSc
CROI Update
2/18/14 Joseph Merrillr, MD Chronic Pain and Opioid Managements
1/21/14 Corey Casper, MD Clinical Management & Pathogenesis of HHV-8-Associated Cancers

2013 AIDS Clinical Conference

Date Presenter(s) Title
11/19/13 Shireesha Dhanireddy, MD
Robert Harrington, MD
David Spach, MD
Brian Wood, MD
Cases from the Madison Clinic Vault
10/15/13 Christina Marra, MD Lumbar Puncture in HIV-infected Patients with Syphilis: What's the Deal?
9/17/13 Joel Gallant, MD New Data, Drugs, & Controversies in Antiretroviral Therapy
7/23/13 James Curran, MD, MPH Reflections from the Early Days of AIDS
6/18/13 Joel Palefsky, MD Anal Dysplasia in HIV Patients
5/28/13 Stephanie Cohen, MD PrEP in the Clinical Setting
4/16/13 Wayne McCormick, MD HIV and Aging
3/19/13 Ann Collier, MD
Robert Harrington, MD
Nina Kim, MD, MSc
Brian Wood, MD
CROI Update
2/19/13 Leah Haseley, MD HIV and the Kidney
1/15/13 Richard Saitz, MD Unhealthy Alcohol Use and HIV: Pharmacotherapy

2012 AIDS Clinical Conference

Date Presenter(s) Title
11/20/12 Lara Strick, MD Cuffs, Chains and Orange Jumpsuits: Taking Care of the Hospitalized Incarcerated HIV+ Patients
10/16/12 Kristina Anne Crothers, MD Pulmonary Issues in the Setting of HIV Infection
9/18/12 Julie Dombrowski, MD Clinical and Public Health Approaches to Improving Patient Engagement in HIV Care
7/17/12 Thomas Quinn, MD Biomedical Interventions to Prevent HIV infections & Combination Prevention Trials
6/19/12 Joel Gallant, MD Antiretroviral Therapy
5/15/12 Eric Daar, MD Evolving Issues in the Management of HIV Infection
4/17/12 Ron Mitsuyasi, MD HIV and Malignancies
3/20/12 Robert Harrington, MD, Shireesha Dhanireddy, MD, Ann Collier, MD, Ruanne Barnabas, MD, and Nina Kim, MD, MSc CROI Update
3/1/12 Keith Jerome, MD Clinical Efforts to Eradicate HIV
1/17/12 Christian Ramers, MD & Ann Melvin, MD Pediatric HIV: 30 Years into the Epidemic

2011 AIDS Clinical Conference

Date Presenter(s) Title
11/15/11 Charles Hicks, MD,
Optimizing HIV Testing Strategies...Maybe
10/28/11 Nina Kim, MD, MSc
Hepatitis C Therapy: Welcome to the Era of Direct-Acting Antivirals
9/20/11 Ann Collier, MD
Challenging Cases in HIV Care
7/28/11 Tom Quinn, MD
30 Years of AIDS: Then, Now and Tomorrow
6/21/11 Roy Colven, MD
HIV in the Skin: Cases from Around the World
5/17/11 Joe Merrill, MD
Prescription Opiods: Trends, Risks and Policies
4/19/11 Jeanne Marrazzo, MD
Update on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
3/15/11 Bob Harrington, MD
Ann Collier, MD
Christina Mara, MD
Joanne Stekler, MD
CROI Update 2011
2/15/11 Joel Gallant, MD
Update on Antiretrovirial Therapy
1/18/11 Matt Golden, MD
STD's in the Setting of HIV Infection - Slide set only

2010 AIDS Clinical Conference

Date Presenter(s) Title
11/16/10 Glen Triesman, MD
The Role of Psychiatry in HIV Care
10/19/10 Christina Marra, MD
Neurological Complications in the Setting of HIV
7/29/10 Tom Quinn, MD
Biomedical Interventions in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS: A Status Report
6/29/10 James Kublin, MD
Update on HIV Vaccines - Audio only
5/18/10 Robert Harrington, MD
Nina Kim, MD
Christian Ramers, MD
Shireesha Dhanireddy, MD
Cases from the Vault: Challenging Cases in HIV Primary Care - Audio only
4/20/10 Joanne Stekler, MD
Janine Maenza, MD
Primary HIV Infection: From Testing to Treatment*
3/16/10 Matthew Golden, MD
Shireesha Dhanireddy, MD
Ann Collier, MD
Joanne Stekler, MD
CROI Update 2010*
1/19/10 Richard Chaisson, MD HIV and Tuberculosis Co-infection: From Clinical Practice to a Global Perspective.

* A portion of this recording has been omitted due to the inclusion of unpublished data.

2009 AIDS Clinical Conference

Date Presenter(s) Title
11/17/09 Joel Gallant, MD Hot Topics in Antiretroviral Therapy, Yet Another "When to Start" Lecture!
10/20/09 Eric Daar, MD Resistance Testing and the Management of Treatment Experienced Patients
9/29/09 Corey Casper, MD Advances in the Diagnosis, Management, and Epidemiology of Cancers Associated with HIV Infection
8/18/09 Mark W. Kline, MD Scaling-up the Care and Treatment of HIV-Infected Children Globally: Lessions from the field in Romania and Sub-Saharan Africa.
7/30/09 Thomas Quinn, MD The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Are We Winning the War? (Slide set only)
6/09/09 Jane Hitti, MD
Amy Criniti, MD
Safer Conception and Contraception in the Setting of HIV

Ruanne Barnabas,
MBChB, DPhil

Viral Loads and the Global Epidemic. Implications for Clinical Care
4/21/09 Mari Kitahata, MD
When to Start Antiretroviral Therapy? Earlier Initiation Improves Survival
3/17/09 David Spach, MD
Chad Achenbach, MD
Ann Collier, MD
Joanne Stekler, MD
CROI Update 2009  
1/13/09 Jared Baeten, MD Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention