Training at NW AETC

The NW AETC targets trainings to providers at all levels of experience and knowledge in serving HIV-infected patients. Training programs include: preceptorships; clinical consultations (onsite, telephone and email); HIV/AIDS clinical updates; information/skills building training; web-based learning modules and other educational materials.

The NW AETC's HIV Web Study website hosts 70 interactive case studies that cover a broad array of topics related to the clinical care of HIV-infected persons and includes interactive tutorials on topics such as Routine HIV Screening, the Oraquick Advance Rapid HIV Test, and HIV Integration.  Free CME is available for all HIV Web Study case studies and interactive tutorials. 

The NW AETC has also developed an educational resource center and training program to build regional AETC capacity to provide training on palliative care issues. The Center for Palliative Care has compiled educational materials and curricula on topics in HIV/AIDS palliative care, conducted and analyzed regional and national AETC needs assessments to guide curriculum development activities, designed and pilot tested a multiple module curriculum, and established partnerships with the AETC NRC, the RWJF HIV Palliative Care Workgroup, the RWJF Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care Program, Last Acts, EPERC (End-of-Life Physician Education Resource Center), the Seattle STD/HIV Prevention Training Center and the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC).