The goal of the preceptorship program is to give health care providers the opportunity to work with expert clinician/preceptors, observing care and assisting the preceptor with direct patient care and treatment. All preceptorships provide instruction designed to meet the specific needs of the individual trainee, taking into account their current practice situation and the issues that affect patient care in their setting.

All preceptorships are provided free of charge. Continuing education credits will be provided by the University of Washington Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing. For more general information about preceptorship programs,
contact Becky Karschney.

  1. HIV/AIDS Clinical Preceptorship Program for MDs, PAs, and NPs
  2. HIV/AIDS Clinical Preceptorship Program for Pharmacists
  3. HIV/AIDS Clinical Preceptorship for Nurses
  4. HIV/AIDS Case Manager Preceptorship Program
  5. HIV/AIDS Corrections Preceptorship
  6. Nutrition and HIV Preceptorship for Registered Dietitians