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Three new Philosophy for Children Fellowships for graduate students have been established at the University of Washington. These fellowships are open to graduate students in the Department of Philosophy or the College of Education.

Fellows will be involved in the Center's "Philosophers in the Schools" program, which sends UW graduate and undergraduate students into Seattle public schools to conduct philosophy sessions in K-12 classrooms. For 2014-15, each Philosophy for Children fellowship will be $3,000.

Fellow Responsibilities

1. Enrollment in the Center's "Philosophy in the Schools" June workshop (which will be held this year on June 26-27, 2014). If the fellow is unable to attend the workshop, alternatively he or she may enroll in the fall quarter Philosophy for Children class, PHIL 595.
2. Involvement in teaching philosophy in Seattle schools and mentoring undergraduate students involved in the "Philosophers in the Schools" program.
3. Involvement in the High School Ethics Bowl, including helping to organize the event and attendance and involvement at the competition.

Total time commitment is expected to be an average of 5 hours per week for the three quarters of academic year 2014-15. The fall quarter will generally require more time than the winter and spring quarters, especially in the beginning of the school year.

Application Process

The fellowship application process consists of the following:
1. Please submit a one-page statement describing your interest in being involved in the "Philosophers in the Schools" program. Please include complete and current contact information. Experience in philosophy, K-12 teaching or philosophy for children is not required for this fellowship.
2. Each applicant should attach to his or her statement one letter of support from a faculty member in the applicant's department who can speak to the student's suitability for this fellowship.

All application materials must be submitted electronically to by May 15.

2013-14 Fellows

Janice Moskalik is a Ph.D. candidate in the Philosophy Department at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is writing a dissertation on interpersonal moral blame. Janice teaches courses at UW on moral theory, contemporary moral problems, philosophy of law, and philosophy of criminal punishment. This is her second year participating in the Center's Philosophers in the Schools Program, teaching philosophy to children in Seattle Public Schools, and mentoring undergraduate student participants in their teaching in Seattle Public School classrooms.

Amy Reed-Sandoval is a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at the University of Washington, where she is currently writing a political philosophy dissertation on immigration. She has studied and taught with the UW Center for Philosophy for Children for over three years. Amy has spent three summers facilitating Philosophy for Children courses in Oaxaca, Mexico as part of the Oaxaca Philosophy for Children Initiative (FilosofÍa para Niños Oaxaca), a program that she founded to give socioeconomically marginalized youth in Oaxaca the opportunity to pursue philosophy at the K-12 level. The program has received awards and grants from the UW Center for Human Rights, the UW Department of Philosophy, and the UW Center for Philosophy for Children.

Alain Carmen Sykes has Bachelors degrees in English and History and a Masters degree in Education. She is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Education at the University of Washington. Previously, Alain taught English, History, Theory of Knowledge, and Politics at middle and high schools in the United States, Greece, and the Netherlands. Alain loves working with kids and is very excited to be part of this program.

Questions about the fellowships? Contact Center director Jana Mohr Lone at