University of Washington’s Center for Philosophy for Children
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Center Staff and Board of Directors



Jana Mohr Lone (

Director Jana Mohr Lone is the founder of the University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children. Since 1995 she has taught philosophy in classrooms from preschool to college, as well as taught college students, K-12 teachers, parents and others about ways to bring philosophy into the lives of young people. She is the author of The Philosophical Child, which explores ways that parents, grandparents, and other adults can stimulate philosophical conversations about children's questions, and she co-edited the book Philosophy and Education: Introducing Philosophy to Young People, which examines various issues involved in teaching philosophy to young people. A frequent writer and speaker about pre-college philosophy, Jana is the president of PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization), chair of the American Philosophical Association Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy, and the founding editor-in-chief of the journal Questions: Philosophy for Young People.




Education Director

David Shapiro (

Education Director David Shapiro is a faculty member at Cascadia Community College, where he teaches college philosophy classes that draw heavily upon his experiences and lesson plans for doing philosophy with pre-college students. In his role as Education Director of the University of Washington's Center for Philosophy for Children, he has been doing philosophy with young people in and around the Seattle area since he was a graduate student at the University of Washington way back in the 20th century. David is the author and/or co-author of six books, including most recently, Plato Was Wrong! Footnotes on Doing Philosophy with Young People, a compendium of activities, exercises, and games he has developed for exploring philosophical questions in the classroom and beyond.






Program Director

Sara Goering (

Program Director Sara Goering teaches philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle, Department of Philosophy, where she is also a member of the Program on Values in Society. During her graduate studies, she did a philosophy for children training at Montclair's Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC), and then co-founded a summer philosophy camp for high school students and a philosophy outreach program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. At California State University Long Beach, she helped to create the Center for the Advancement of Philosophy in Schools (CAPS), which trained college students and partnered them with local teachers to lead philosophy discussions with young thinkers from 4th grade through high school. The Long Beach program also ran a summer philosophy institute for "at-risk" Long Beach high school students. Now she co-teaches the UW philosophy for children courses, which send undergraduate teams out to lead weekly philosophy discussions with young students in the Seattle Public Schools, and co-organizes summer workshops for teachers. In summer 2011, she gave a TEDx talk on philosophy for children.




Outreach Coordinator

Katherine Goldyn (

Outreach Coordinator Katherine Goldyn manages the center's activities and website. She is also the outreach coordinator for University of Washington's Department of Philosophy. Prior to working for the Department of Philosophy she was the outreach and events coordinator for University of Washington's School of Drama. She is also has three children who enjoy asking philosophical questions. Please contact her with any questions regarding the website or the Center for Philosophy for Children events and activities.





Board of Directors

Kenneth Clatterbaugh Karen Emmerman
Sara Goering Jean Hanson
Judith Howard Polly Hunter
Jana Mohr Lone Terrance McKittrick
David Shapiro Christine Stickler
Julie Trout