University of Washington’s Center for Philosophy for Children
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Classroom Activities

Playing with Difference
A game to stimulate thinking about social inequalities

What is art?
An activity to help students think about what makes something art

Different Perspectives Game
A game to encourage students to think about perspectives that are different from their own

“What’s Your Reason?” Game
A game to help students better articulate the reasons for their views

“Moral Spectrum” Exploration Exercise
An exercise to introduce students to the "moral spectrum," seven different perspectives on how to decide the right thing to do

“How Did You Feel?” Exercise
A game to encourage experiencing empathy

One Rule Game
A game that allows students to determine what rules by which they would choose to be governed

Blind Painter Activity
Helps students communicate clearly and listen actively

Egg Drop Game
Is it reasonable to predict future events based on past experience?

Good News, Bad News
A reasoning exercise

How Many of These Do You Think You Know?
What do we know and how do we think we know it?

Keep the Question Going
The importance of questions in philosophical inquiry

A Little Logic
Some logic puzzles

Energizer Activity - Word Association
How do we do philosophy?

Other Active Alternatives
Paper by Center Education Director David Shapiro: Some Active Alternatives to Reading in Philosophy for Children