In 2013, the Philosophy for Children Fellowship Program for graduate students was established at the University of Washington. These fellowships are open to graduate students in the Department of Philosophy or the College of Education.

Fellows are involved in the Center’s “Philosophers in the Schools” program, the Washington State High School Ethics Bowl, and related activities.

Each Philosophy for Children fellowship is currently $4,000.

Fellow Responsibilities

  1. Enrollment in the Center’s “Philosophy in the Schools” June workshop, if possible.
  2. Enrollment in the fall quarter graduate seminar “Philosophical Inquiry in Schools,” PHIL 595.
  3. Involvement in teaching philosophy in Seattle schools and mentoring undergraduate students involved in the “Philosophers in the Schools” program.
  4. Participation in the High School Ethics Bowl, including helping to organize the event and attendance and involvement at the competition.

Total time commitment is expected to be an average of 5 hours per week for the three quarters of the academic year. The fall quarter generally requires more time than the winter and spring quarters, especially in the beginning of the school year.

Apply Online

Instructions & Application

The fellowship application process consists of the following:

  1. Please submit a one-page statement describing your interest in being involved in the “Philosophers in the Schools” program. Please include complete and current contact information. Experience in philosophy, K-12 teaching or philosophy for children is not required for this fellowship.
  2. Each applicant should attach to his or her statement one letter of support from a faculty member in the applicant’s department who can speak to the student’s suitability for this fellowship.┬áIf you are not yet at UW, please submit a letter of support from a faculty member at another institution.


All application materials must be submitted electronically each year by May 20.

Allowed file extensions are pdf, doc, docx. Max file size is 2 MB.
Allowed file extensions are pdf, doc, docx. Max file size is 2 MB.


2016-17 Fellows

Bridget DuRuz

College of Education

Bridget DuRuz is a Ph.D. student in the Education Department at the University of Washington where she is also a coach for Teacher Candidates. She has degrees in Philosophy and Curriculum Design, and comes from a teaching career in gifted education K-8 and as a specialist in both math and music. Her research interests center around creativity and equity, and bridging the role of Philosophy for Children and methods in Teacher Training. She leads P4C sessions for Kindergarten, 1st grade and 5th grade. She attributes being a third generation native Seattleite - exposed to the pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit of the Pacific Northwest - to her appreciation of creativity and ingenuity and to her curious nature of all things connected. 


Darcy McCusker

Department of Philosophy

Darcy McCusker is a third year graduate student in the philosophy department. Her work in the philosophy department focuses on feminist philosophy of science. Before starting at UW, she taught high school math for three years. She has a Masters in education from St John's University. She has worked with Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth summer programs teaching philosophy, and is looking forward to being involved in philosophy for children with Seattle public schools.

David Phelps

College of Education

David Phelps is a graduate student in the Learning Sciences program at the University of Washington. He has explored young children’s love of learning in a variety of settings—a Reggio Emilia school in Vermont, a school for underprivileged children in Peru, a care farm for youth in the Netherlands, a philosophy for children program along the Ohio River, and an afterschool Mancala club in Seattle. He enjoys designing and playtesting imaginative games and simulations for young children.