Welcome to the  Northwest Metabolomics Research Center (NW-MRC). The NW-MRC is located at the University of Washington School of Medicine–South Lake Union (SLU). The  Center’s aim is to bring together, coordinate, and integrate significant capabilities in metabolomics at the University of Washington, local institutions such as the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Institute for Systems Biology, and thereby foster a broad range of interdisciplinary research at these institutions, throughout the Pacific Northwest Region, and nationally.

The Center provides a broad range of metabolomics services including sample analysis, data analysis and interpretation, training and work-shops through its specialty Cores, which include Mass Spectrometry, NMR and Metabolic Imaging, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, and Promotional & Outreach.

The significant metabolomics capabilities of the NW-MRC are divided into two groups, a centralized facility located at SLU and two satellite facilities located on the UW main campus. 

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