Forms Required for IACUC Approval

All research and instruction involving the use of live vertebrate animals must first be approved by the IACUC. This governing body will look at specific information, presented through a group of forms, for evidence that your plans are in compliance with government regulations. Submission instructions are provided on each form.

New Protocol Form

Significant Change Form

Annual Renewal Form

Three Year Renewal Form

Request for Additional Personnel Form

Request for Change of PI Form

Occupational Health and Safety Program

Environmental Enhancement Checksheets (EEC)

Fertilized Egg Use Request

All forms are MS Word documents. Since forms are updated periodically, please download the required form each time you need to submit. Enter your answers and don’t worry if the text you enter shifts the content on the pages. Please follow the submission instructions provided in each form.


New Protocols

Use this form for new projects to be conducted at the University of Washington (UW). This includes research projects that will be transferred to the University of Washington.  You may use either the traditional form (text style) or the alternative form (table style).

Download: Project Review Form (traditional – text style)

Download: Project Review Form and Agents Table  (alternative – table style)


Significant Change

Use this form if you are making a significant change to your existing protocol. Some examples of changes that require a significant change form can be found on this page.

Download:  Significant Change Form


Annual Renewal

The OAW sends the PI an expiration notification letter 60 days prior to the annual protocol expiration date and an email notification 30 days prior to the expiration date, if your renewal has not been received by OAW.

Protocol renewals must be approved prior to their annual anniversary expiration date.  It is recommended that, at a minimum, you submit an annual renewal 4 weeks prior to the annual expiration date, in order to provide OAW and the IACUC adequate time to review and approve your submission.

By law, IACUC is permitted to review an annual renewal up to 30 days prior to the annual anniversary date and is permitted to assign the anniversary date as the re-approval date. Please do not be surprised if you receive an annual re-approval letter with a  future approval date.

Download: Annual Renewal Form


Three Year Renewal

Regulation requires a complete re-review of your protocol every three years. OAW and the IACUC require adequate time to review and approve your submission.  For this reason you must submit a three-year renewal at least 8 weeks prior to the expiration date.

The OAW sends the PI an expiration notification three months prior to the three year protocol expiration date and an email notification two months prior to the expiration date, if your renewal has not yet been received.

Keep in mind: regulations require animal work to stop at the end of three years if the protocol has not been re-approved.  By law, administrative extensions are not allowed.  Therefore if your three year renewal is exceptionally complex, it is strongly recommended to submit the renewal sooner than 8 weeks prior to expiration.  Please contact OAW in advance, if you have questions.

Three year renewals are done using the same form as a New Protocol.

Download: Project Review Form (traditional – text style)

Download: Project Review Form and Agents Table (alternative – table style)


Request for Additional Personnel

Use this form when you need to add personnel to your protocol.  All protocol personnel must have the appropriate training (see training) and medical screening (see below) for compliance purposes. Note: New personnel cannot begin working with animals until approved.

Download:  New Personnel Form


Request for Change of PI

Use this form when you need to request a change of PI (Principal Investigator)

Download: Change of PI Form


Occupational Health and Safety Program

All personnel on your protocol and persons working in your animal use areas must enroll in the Animal Use Medical Screening (AUMS) program that is a component of the University of Washington’s Animal Use Occupational Health and Safety Program. These programs are required by Federal authorities. Please visit the AUMS program website to enroll in AUMS.


Species-Specific Environmental Enhancement Checksheet (EEC)

Environmental enhancement and social housing (of social species) are important components of improving the psychological well-being of laboratory animals. Institutions are required to provide these components where appropriate, unless the IACUC has approved exemptions for scientific reasons, or the veterinarian has exempted animals for health and welfare reasons.

In order to provide a clear way for researchers to note exemptions necessary for scientific reasons, and for the IACUC to approve them, brief checksheets have been developed for attachment to IACUC forms (see below).

Download: Bat_EEC Form

Download: Bird_EEC Form

Download: Cat_EEC Form

Download: Chicken_EEC Form

Download: Dog_EEC Form

Download: Ferret_EEC Form

Download: Gerbil_EEC Form

Download: GuineaPig_EEC Form

Download: Hamster_EEC Form

Download: Mouse_EEC Form

Download: Rabbit_EEC Form

Download: Rat_EEC Form

Download: Swine_EEC Form


Fertilized Egg Use Request

Use this form if you need to order fertilized eggs through the Department of Comparative Medicine Animal Purchasing Office.