CME Women's Health Update

This conference is an annual update for women's healthcare providers on current topics relevant to women's health. The topics are selected from suggestions from previous course attendees, areas with substantial change, and controversial subjects where medical opinions may differ. The purpose is to provide a clinical update for providers who care for women in an outpatient setting. The format is a series of short lectures followed by question and answer sessions.

Upon completion of this program, attendees should be able to:

  • Describe the current approach to preventive health care and the healthcare options that are facing the United States
  • Recognize the unique preventive healthcare necessary in the breast cancer survivor
  • Review comprehensive pre-conceptual counseling in routine and complex patient populations
  • Evaluate and treat morbid obesity
  • Discuss with patients the risks, benefits and management strategies for hormone therapy, especially in regard to breast and bone concerns
  • Discuss the current state of our knowledge in palliative care
  • Describe the options for the appropriate management of breast complaints
  • Describe the treatment options for refractory depression
  • Develop a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and management of chronic pelvic pain
  • Provide contraception in complex medical situations
  • Recognize common bleeding disorders in women
  • Develop an effective strategy for cervical cancer prevention and screening
  • Monitor and manage insomnia in the outpatient setting
  • Develop more confidence and proficiency with office coding
  • Discuss how lessons learned in global health may impact everyday domestic clinical medicine