Early pregnancy loss (EPL) is common, occurring in approximately 15-20% of known pregnancies. EPL is largely managed by uterine aspiration in the operating room despite research indicating that treatment with expectant, medical, or aspiration management in the outpatient or emergency department can save time and cost and is equally safe, and is preferred by many patients.

TEAMM trains healthcare teams to integrate all three forms of early pregnancy loss management – expectant, medication, and manual uterine aspiration – into their office-based and emergency medicine settings. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the needs of patients to access high quality early pregnancy loss care and the technical training and practice integration assistance required for healthcare teams to offer this service. TEAMM teaches comprehensive early pregnancy loss care through a multi-faceted and systems approach: didactic, experiential, and hands-on learning for the entire team of providers and support staff involved in patient care.

We offer intensive, tailored interventions to clinical sites around the U.S., which involve a combination of training sessions and facilitated meetings over 1-2 days with follow up assistance as needed. Crucial to the success of our program is inclusion of entire health care teams, including providers, support staff, and administrators.

To apply to be a TEAMM site if your clinical site is located outside of Washington State, please fill out this brief application to be considered for our next review.

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